Pinterest Provides an Overview of How to Use Adobe Spark to Create Pins

Back in April, Pinterest announced a new set of creative partnerships in order to facilitate streamlined Pin creation and uploading from popular creation platforms like Canva, PicMonkey and Adobe Spark.

Highlighting the benefits that these official partnerships facilitate, Pinterest has this week published a new video overview of how Pinterest marketers can create great-looking, effective Pins within Adobe Spark, and upload them to their Pinterest account without leaving the platform.

As you can see, the overview is fairly simple, but it may be of benefit for marketers looking for ways to maximize their Pin presence, and get the most out of their efforts.

Pinterest also recently partnered with Vimeo in order to enable Pinterest marketers to create videos using Vimeo’s Create platform, which simplifies video creation. 

With more ways to create more effective, stand out Pins, that’ll provide more opportunity for businesses to tap into the rising popularity of Pinterest, and get their content in front of high shopping-intent browsers in the app.

Indeed, Pinterest says that its users spend 80% more on retail purchases than non-Pinners, while more than 25% of user time spent in the app is focused on shopping, more than any other social network, according to research.

Pinterest also recently crossed the 400 million user threshold, and has been seeing increased usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns as people alter their shopping habits and look for ways to find more niche, artisan products. Combine these insights with Pinterest’s evolving discovery tools, and it’s definitely worth considering whether the platform might be a good fit for your business. 

And if it is, then integrations like these could make it a lot easier to establish your brand’s Pin presence.

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