Pinterest Provides New Insights on Seasonal Pin Trends

As you may have guessed, Pinterest searches for topics like “get organized” tend to spike early in the new year, when resolutions are in full swing. But Pinterest says that these types of positive trends actually spike two times per year – once in the New Year period, then again before fall, as people seek inspiration “after an energizing summer”. 

That insight can help in your strategic planning – knowing when people are more open to new, fresh ideas, and the subjects they’re looking for, could help you develop a more effective Pin posting process, and maximize your efforts.

To help with this, Pinterest has this week released a new set of data insights into a range of trends which see spikes throughout the year, and are on the rise again right now.

Here’s a look at some key Pin shifts to be aware of.

As you can see here. searches for organizational topics have seen steady increases over time – in fact, Pinterest says that searches for “life organization” are up 78% this year.

Among the topics within this bracket, “sustainable lifestyle” is on the increase, as is “organization videos”, and interestingly for Pinterest, “budgeting finances”. If your business has an angle on any of these subjects, now is the time to start Pinning those ideas.

Pinterest trend data

Pinners are also looking to inspiration to help them establish more beneficial routines:

“This year’s top searches related to “routine” are “skin care routine,” “morning routine,” “self care routine,” “workout routine” and “beauty routine.” 

Pinterest says that more users are looking for help in planning out their processes, and making the most of their time.

Pinterest trend stats

Positivity is also a key focus among the Pinterest community, with users increasingly seeking inspirational guidance, and quotes to help them stay on track.

Pinterest trend stats

And lastly, ‘goal setting’ is a key trend of the moment, which will also, again, spike more significantly in January. 

Among the key goals of interest to Pinners, “career planning” searches are up 101%. in 2019, while “dream house plans”, “big family goals”, and of course, “travel dreams” remain high on the list. 

Not every business will have relevant product or content offerings to tie into these trends, but for those that do, this data could help to guide your Pinterest approach, and/or open your eyes to the expanded opportunities of the platform. 

It’s worth considering the potential fit in your Pin strategy – and not just for now, but for the coming spike following the Christmas break.

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