Pinterest Provides Tips on How Brands Can Communicate Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic [Infographic]

While all of us struggle to understand the broader implications and complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers and business owners are also faced with the difficult task of trying to maintain revenue flow, and engage customers, amid the rising anxiety and uncertainty.

What should you communicate in such a crisis? Should your brand communicate at all? Will any marketing message be seen as opportunistic and/or insensitive? These are questions that every business is contending with, but the reality is that, for those that can, we have to at least try to maintain some level of normalcy in order to avoid even greater economic impacts as time goes on.

To that end, this week Pinterest has provided a new set of tips to help brands that are looking to maintain audience connection amid the COVID-19 crisis.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Creating content during a crisis can be a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, failing to acknowledge the current state can feel tone-deaf. On the other hand, without a delicate touch, copy can come off as opportunistic or insensitive. To help you strike the right chord, we’ve compiled tips to create content for Pinterest that feels authentic, compassionate and most importantly – helpful.”

You can download Pinterest’s original one-pager here – we’ve switched the format slightly below, but included all of Pinterest’s tips.

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