Pinterest Releases New Data on Rising Search Trends Amid COVID-19

As we work our way through the next stage of lockdowns and impacts due to COVID-19, Pinterest has this week shared some new insights into key search trends on its platform, which focus on wellness, positivity – and even, surprisingly, ‘starting a new business’.

It seems that the lockdowns have forced many to re-assess what they want in life, and how they can improve their mindset and focus – as per Pinterest:

Many people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home décor ideas and DIY. However, with COVID-19 creating new life stressors, more people than ever before are turning to Pinterest for wellbeing and self-care. In fact, Pinterest has recently seen the highest searches ever around mental wellness ideas including meditation (+44%), gratitude (+60%) and positivity (+42%) that jumped from February to May.”

Wellness is a key focus, with Pinterest also noting that searches for ‘stress relief activities’ are up 4.7x, while home exercise routines are also a key interest for many (up 12x).

But Pinners also remain positive about the future:

“Challenges and uncertainty also spark new ideas, creativity and a now-or-never-attitude – and now is the time to plan for that house, family, trip or business that you always wanted.

Pinterest trends

Pinterest says that searches for ‘starting a new business’ are up 35% on average, as are searches for ‘future life goals’ (2x), ‘life bucket list’ (+65%), ‘family goals future’ (+30%) and ‘future house goals’ (+78%).

It seems that many are, as noted, taking stock of their situation, and re-imagining the life they want to live when we eventually come out of the pandemic.

Pinterest also notes that searches related to ‘gratitude’ are at seasonal highs.

Pinterest trends

In addition to this, Pinterest notes that searches related to home improvement projects remain popular, while inspiration for private parties has also been a key focus in some regions were gatherings are now allowed.

But Pinners are also dealing with a level of mental fatigue – as we all are – as the pandemic stretches on into another uncertain period.

Catering to this, Pinterest is also adding new elements within its compassionate search feature, which is accessible by typing #pinterestselfcare into the search field.

Pinterest compassionate search

The new additions, created in conjunction with Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, are designed to help users with exercises that can ease anxiety and stress.

There are some interesting trend notes here, pointing to ongoing opportunity for connection with Pinterest users, and key shifts, more broadly, in response to the pandemic.

If you’re looking to make Pinterest more of a focus, then first, you should read its recently released media guides which outline the various opportunities and tools on the platform.  

And then, based on those reports, you can utilize these trends to tap into key interest points among the Pinner community, aligning with key usage shifts and interests.

You can read Pinterest’s full ‘New Priorities’ trend report here.

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