Pinterest Shares New Insights into Emerging Tech Search Trends on the Platform

Pinterest has shared some new insights into emerging tech search trends on the platform, with gamers, mobile users and the rising WFH cohort seeking out new ways to customize their set ups in line with their evolving needs.

As per Pinterest:

Tech is a growing category on Pinterest, with searches for “electronics” up 70% year over year. It’s where people go to discover new products and dream up their perfect tech setup. It’s also where early adopters start planning their next purchase: we’ve even identified 75 million tech early adopters that you can reach through the Pinterest Ads Manager.”

It’s interesting to consider the broadening scope of Pinterest usage. For a long time, Pinterest was seen as a home for handmade crafts and artisanal designs, but more recently, data has also shown that Pinners are using the platform to research new cars, financial planning, parenting advice, and more.

In terms of electronics, Pinterest highlights two key trends of note.

First off is ‘digital decor’, or people customizing their devices to match their style and/or personality.

“The more they can envision a specific device in their lives, the better. They’re looking at details like color palettes, form factor and aesthetics. They might also consider potential accessories, like cases or charms. And they’ll start considering how the device can support their hobbies through add-ons or apps.”

The rise in ‘digital wallpapers’ in 2020 was at least partly inspired by changes rolled out in iOS, which enabled users to customize their device home screens in new ways. That sparked a whole new interest in device customization, which, as you can see here, despite spiking on the iOS announcement back in September, has also continued to steadily climb from there.   

Pinterest also notes that the rise in gaming and working from home has sparked new interest in home PC set-ups.

Pinterest tech trends

“Searches for computer and gaming setups grew nearly 3x between November 2019 and November 2020. Early into COVID, people were looking for stopgap solutions. Now that they’re staying home longer, they’re looking for permanent setups that fit both their budget, and their decor.”

Due to the lockdowns, gaming saw a huge rise in 2020, and with the combined shift towards WFH, which is expected to continue for many well into the new year, and even beyond, more people are considering their home office layout and tools, which could present new opportunities for marketers on the platform.

As noted, Pinterest is continually, gradually evolving, and while it may not seem like an ideal fit for your business, it could well be worth checking it out, and seeing what others in your niche are doing in the app. At 442 million active users, there’s a lot of varied interest there, and the platform is also largely habitual, with those that do start using the app tending to stick with it for other uses.

It could be worth another look in 2021. 

You can check out Pinterest’s full tech trends report here.

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