Pinterest Shares New Insights into How Pinners are Looking to Shop with Sustainability in Mind

Pinterest has shared some new insights into how Pinners are looking to adopt more sustainable processes, which includes shopping for more environmentally-friendly products and adopting new ideas and concepts aligned with the same.

As explained by Pinterest:

“People are emerging into the “new normal” with a greater sense of urgency to take care of our planet. We’re predicting a Greenaissance: a renewed focus on sustainable living, Earth-friendly products and calls for community action.”

I mean, ‘Greenaissance’ is probably a little grandiose in this context, given the ‘renaissance’ was a period of transition in a wide range of aspects. But still, the impetus remains the same – based on Pin trends, more Pinterest users are searching with sustainability in mind, which is important for marketers to note.

Based on a recent survey conducted among both Pinners and non-Pinners, Pinterest found that its users are 40% more likely to say the environment is a ‘personal interest’, and are 30% more likely to take action as a result.

People on Pinterest are also 70% more likely than non-Pinners to seek out local brands or produce, while 80% of Pinners are looking to shop for more sustainably-made products, impacting their product choices in the app.

That could be a key point of note for Pin marketers, with an increased focus on sustainability set to be a key decision point for many users.

In addition to this, Pinners are also 55% more likely to be concerned about their personal carbon footprint than people who don’t use the app, with increased interest in things like electric cars, concept cars and commuter bikes.

Based on these findings, Pinterest has provided three key tips for marketers looking to align with these usage trends:

  • Provide educational content – Pinterest suggests that brands look to educate consumers on the environmental impacts and considerations within their process
  • Show off your sustainable side – Along similar lines, Pinterest also says that brands should look to showcase their sustainability support efforts, on various fronts, to improve consumer connection
  • Inspire action – Pinterest also suggests that brands look to prompt users to take action to address these concerns, highlighting how their products can play a part in that process where possible

Given the rising focus on environmental issues, it’s important for brands to showcase their position on this front, and how they’re working to support key initiatives to tackle the impacts of climate change.

That won’t apply to all brands universally, but if you’re marketing on Pinterest, it should be a key consideration, and it could be another way to boost your brand reach and resonance in the app.

You can check out Pinterest’s full ‘Greenaissance’ report here.

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