Pinterest Shares New Research into Emerging Trends as We Look to a Post-COVID Future

As the vaccine roll-out continues, consumer habits are shifting once again, and new trends and behaviors are emerging, which is important to note for marketers looking to maximize their messaging.

That’s the focus of Pinterest’s latest research report, which identifies key habitual shifts, based on on-platform search trends, which could point to new opportunities, or options to refine your brand messaging in line with the next stage.

As explained by Pinterest:

We ran exclusive research to see how consumers are feeling during this time of transition. Many spoke of a tension between excitement, and anxiety. They’re thrilled to see friends and return to more social settings. At the same time, they’re apprehensive about feeling comfortable in public spaces, returning to commutes and losing some of their flexibility from this past year.”

Pinterest also notes that many people developed new, positive habits during COVID, establishing new rituals and reprioritizing how they spend their time.

“They’re proud of their personal growth. And as their lives get busier again, they want to make sure their new habits stick. In fact, they’re anxious they might lose these healthy routines once the hustle and bustle of life picks up again. That’s where your brand comes in.”

Based on these insights, Pinterest has established five new market personas of note:

  • The Routine Ritualist – People seeking ways to maintain their newly established routines as “real life” picks up again
  • The Prioritized Parent – Parents looking to maintain the stronger bonds they’ve developed with family during the COVID lockdowns
  • The New Nomad – Many people headed outdoors in the last year, either working on their garden or camping to get away. These trends look set to hold beyond the pandemic.
  • The Eco Evangelist – People seeking more sustainable practices as a result of increased global awareness and concern.
  • The Emerging Entrepreneur – Many people also took the time to reassess their career progression, in alignment with their values, and have since adopted new approaches to professional fulfillment.

For each of these shifts, Pinterest has outlined the key search trends underlining them, which, in themselves, point to new potential opportunities.​

There are some interesting insights here, which highlight the evolving usage of the platform, and the ways in which brands should be looking to adapt their messaging for the next stage.

Those same trends won’t hold for all social networks, but for Pinterest specifically, it’s worth noting these shifts, and considering how your offerings, and Pins, match up.

And with 478 million users, and rising, it is worth considering your Pin marketing options, particularly for eCommerce brands. 

You can read Pinterest’s full ‘Inward, Onward’ trends report here.

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