Pinterest Shares Trend Predictions for 2021, Based on Usage Data

Pinterest has published its latest listing of trend predictions, based on user interests and habits over the past 12 months.

And Pinterest is keen to note that it’s very good at predicting what the next big things will be – last year, 80% of its trend predictions ended up coming to fruition, according to Pinterest’s tracking.

As such, it may be worth paying attention – this year, Pinterest has selected 30 trends (it chose 10 last year) that it thinks are going to take off, which could be of significant relevance to your business, if you happen to operate in a related sector.

As you can see here, each trend has its own segment, and you can tap through for more information.

Pinterest Trends 2021

Each topic summary includes an overview of the trend, along with related search terms, and relevant usage insights to support its predicted rise.

Pinterest Trends 2021

Pinterest also includes specific tips as to how brands can tap into the rising popularity of each, along with examples of the trend in action. Those insights could be hugely valuable, especially if you’re looking to make Pinterest a bigger focus and connect with potential customers through the app.

Given there are so many, you really need to go through the whole list to discover what may be of relevance to your business. But Pinterest has also provided a summary PDF of the 30 trends if you were seeking to get a general overview. 

It could be a handy guide – as noted, Pinterest got a lot of their trends right last year, and they’ve listed a lot more predictions this time around.

The data doesn’t lie, and each of these trends is backed with usage insights that support their inclusion. If you’re looking to tap into what’s next, it’s definitely worth a look.

You can view Pinterest’s full trends overview here, and download the PDF summary here

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