Planning Your TikTok Strategy in 4 Steps [Infographic]

As TikTok usage continues to rise, more businesses are considering their options on the platform, and whether it might be a good fit for their promotional efforts.

And TikTok can be a good platform for promotion – as it recently highlighted in its overview of a Branded hashtag campaign – but it also won’t be for everyone. The platform’s audience skews young, creative content is key, and understanding the nuances of how TikTok works will also help you ensure you create a campaign that fits in, and catches on with users.

Basically, TikTok marketing isn’t necessarily easy, but as with any platform, the right approach can reap major benefits.

So how should you approach TikTok? This week, the platform has published a basic overview of how to put together an effective TikTok strategy. And while the pointers here are fairly basic, there are some notes that might help in your planning. 

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