PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta System Software Update Invites Come to the EU & UK

Many users are reporting that they are receiving emails with a code for 7.00 beta firmware in the EU and the code can be used up to 10 times.

The new update allows for an increased number for Party sessions but if you accept the beta invite you will only be able to a Party session with other beta users.

Another feature that is being rolled out is the ability to perform a system update without the need to restart the console which is certainly a welcome feature in my opinion.

PlayStation 4 owners with an HDR display will now be able to tune brightness and darkness at the system level, which is great news as there are plenty of games lacking a proper tuning feature. Early reports also suggest this affects applications such as Netflix, too.

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Last updated on 26th July 2019 5:21 am

The email states:

Be one of the first players to try out the new PS4™ Party update, as part of the PlayStation® Beta experience. Play, chat and connect with even more friends online, as we’re boosting Party sessions from eight to 16 players – this brand-new feature is due to release in System Software Update 7.00.

Performance for system updates is also being improved, meaning your PS4™ won’t always need to restart after every update. Going forwards, select system software updates will automatically be installed after download if the [System Software Update Files] setting is switched on, found under:

[Settings] > [System] > [Auto Downloads]

If you participate in this Beta trial, you won’t be able to join the same Party or use Share Play with others who aren’t also participating in the trial. Once you’ve opted in to the trial, Parties that you’re able to join will have an asterisk (*) in front of the Party name.

The last big update was 6.50 and was released back in March, this enabled remote play on iOS devices where you can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 system from devices such as smartphones and tablets. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the App Store

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PlayStation 4 7.00 Beta System Software Update Invites Come to the EU & UK

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