Reddit Announces New Creative Strategy Agency to Help Brands Maximize their On-Platform Campaigns

As it looks to continue to expand its ad business, and maximize its commercial opportunities, Reddit has announced the launch of its own in-house creative strategy agency, which will provide assistance for businesses looking to tap into Reddit for promotions.

The new agency, called KarmaLab, will be made available to all of Reddit’s ad partners “via a scaled offering dependent on campaign objective and need”.

 As explained by Reddit:

KarmaLab is a team of best-in-class creative and strategic minds – those who know the ins and outs of Reddit and are backed by media, marketing and ad industry experience that make them uniquely positioned to guide and collaborate with brands as they find their home on Reddit and in culture.” 

The team will be led by Will Cady, Reddit’s former Head of Creative Strategy, and will provide social listening and trends reports, community management assistance, creative workshops, campaign development and more.

“KarmaLab is a full-service creative strategy agency delivering campaigns that resonate with and add value to Reddit users, while driving meaningful results.”

The announcement adds to Reddit’s growing ad offering, which now includes a range of video ad options, including Trending Takeover placement, providing engaging, impactful ways to reach the platform’s highly engaged communities.

Which is Reddit’s real strength in this respect. While Reddit’s audience reach is lower than what you can see on other platforms (at 52 million DAU), Reddit hosts thousands of highly active, niche subreddit communities, which enables advertises to reach people based on very specific interests.

Of course, Reddit users have not traditionally been overly receptive to ads, but that is changing over time, and through the assistance of KarmaLab, Reddit will look to help businesses create more native-looking ad campaigns that will drive better response, and help to maximize reach.

It’s the next step in Reddit’s ad expansion, which has seen the company put more focus on cleaning up its platform, and providing a safer place for ad placement.

Indeed, last June, Reddit removed thousands of its most controversial communities as a result of an update to its rules around hate speech. That change came in response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the US, and that has also made the platform a more secure, open option for brands who may have hesitated on Reddit promotions in the past.

With the assistance of KarmaLab, it could become an even more powerful promotional tool for many brands, while Reddit also recently established a new enterprise partnership agreement with Omnicom Media Group (OMG) that will see OMG’s thousands of ad clients gain access to a range of strategic and commercial benefits in order to enhance their Reddit advertising efforts.

Reddit’s ad system is growing, and that could mean new opportunities. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your Reddit marketing potential. 

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