Reevaluating Screen Time For Kids in the Age of Social Distancing [Infographic]

How much screen time is too much for young kids? 

This has become an even more pertinent question in 2020, with children forced to spend more time indoors, and even attend school online, significantly boosting their internet usage and exposure.

The good news is that not all screen time is bad. Using screens as a babysitter or to placate a temper tantrum probably isn’t all that great. But doing school remotely, watching movies together as a family, and having video chats with friends might actually be a good thing.

In short, when it comes to screen time quality is a lot more important than quantity. This will be great news to the 85% of parents who are worried about how much screen time their kids are getting right now, and the more than half of those who fear that their child will be addicted to screens before the pandemic subsides. 

Screen time, even social media, can also give kids a chance to connect with their peers, staving off the loneliness that’s become such a standard part of pandemic life. Even if you’re a parent who’s been warned against the evils of social media, it might be time to take a second look. Setting up rules and boundaries on accounts and devices can give kids a safe space to reach out to their peers during these difficult times.

Learn more about why we should reevaluate screen time for kids from the infographic below.

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