Snapchat Acquires ‘TikTok for Music Creation’ App Voisey

Snapchat is looking to get ahead of the next creator shift by acquiring rising music creation app Voisey, which enables users to create their own tracks using a range of vocal effects.

As you can see from these screenshots, Voisey‘s UI looks a lot like TikTok, and it has indeed been described as ‘TikTok for music creation’.

Users can upload their own beats to the Voisey app, or record vocal tracks over previously uploaded backing track options. When you go to record your voice, Voisey provides a range of vocal effects tools to enhance your sound – YouTuber Katia Holliday posted a tutorial on the app earlier this year.

You can see how Voisey would appeal to the TikTok crowd – essentially, through the effects and tracks, Voisey can make almost anyone sound like a professional musician. Which seems like a natural extension from TikTok’s lip-synching and dancing pastiche.

And now, Snapchat is in control of the app. What Snapchat plans to do with Voisey is unclear, but it would make sense to see Snap add Voisey elements into its main app, and tap into the likely next shift towards music creation on the back of the TikTok trend.

Snap’s team has proven time and time again that it knows how to stay ahead of the curve, and lead the way on key trends, and in this sense, Voisey seems to be a good fit, which could help Snap boost interest – either by combining Voisey into Snapchat or boosting the app through its established frameworks.

It’s also another step into voice tools for Snapchat. Last week, TechCrunch reported that Snapchat had also acquired, which builds AI-based voice assistants for customer support services. 

Maybe, Snap plans to get a lot more people talking to their Snapchat app – and with the rising use of voice assistants, and reliance on voice for search queries, maybe Snap is looking to tap into another key habitual shift of the next generation of consumers.

We won’t know until Snap reveals more, but it’s an interesting move for the company – and definitely, given the popularity of Voisey among younger audiences, the brand fit makes a lot of sense.

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