Snapchat Makes its ‘Dynamic Ads’, Which Simplify Product Display, Available in More Regions

Snapchat is making its ‘Dynamic Ads’ option, which enables businesses to create simple Snap ad campaigns by uploading their product catalog info, available in more regions.

As you can see in this example, Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads help you create your Snap campaigns by formatting your uploaded product images into platform-friendly formats. You simply upload your assets, then Snapchat’s Ads Manager will provide various templates for display to choose from, aligned to the platform’s vertical display focus.

Snapchat Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads also update relevant product information in real-time – so if a product’s price or availability changes, your promotion will reflect the revised details. Facebook, Google and Pinterest all offer similar, inventory-connected ad tools.

Snapchat first launched Dynamic Ads with selected US advertisers back in October, and now, brands in the U.K., Germany, the Middle East and Australia will also be able to access the option

Given the increasing shift towards eCommcere as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns, more product display options is better, and Snap’s Dynamic Ads will certainly appeal to brands looking to market to younger audiences, and provide streamlined purchase offerings within their Snap campaigns.

Inventory-connected offerings also reduce admin work, while you can also use Snap’s audience targeting tools to ensure your products are being displayed to the right audiences within the app.

Another consideration for your marketing process.

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