Snapchat Relaunches Partner Solutions Program to Provide More Assistance Options for Advertisers

As it looks to build on its rising momentum, Snapchat has re-launched its marketing partner program, which redefines its two partner categories to better clarify the types of assistance and guidance options available.

As explained by Snapchat:

“Introducing our new Global Partner Solutions program – a partnership with industry-leading companies that help advertisers connect with the Snapchat community in exciting, innovative ways. From strategic collaboration to creative execution and campaign optimization, our select group of partners make advertising on Snapchat simple for advertisers looking for managed and ad technology solutions.”

Originally launched back in 2016, Snap’s first advertising partner program split the providers into two sections: Ads Partners and Creative Partners. With Snap’s platform evolving, it’s now looking to provide more specific assistance via its partner categorization tiers.

Snapchat Partner Program

You’ll note that the creative element has seemingly been removed, but Snap’s Creative Partners Program has now also been rolled into the broader marketing partners banner. So while ‘creative’ is not specifically noted in these descriptions, it’s a part of the overall offering, with most of the creatives in the ‘Certified Partners’ list.

As noted, Snapchat has been gaining momentum of late, with younger audiences, in particular, aligning with the platform and its more privacy-focused approach to social connection. Indeed, Snapchat claims that it reaches some 90% of 13-24 year-olds across the US, which is more than Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined in this age bracket. That’s got the attention of a lot of brands looking to link into these rising user groups, in order to boost their market presence and standing.

Snapchat’s also leading the way on new AR tools and features, which is where its tech partners could really come into their own. Over the last year, Snapchat’s added a range of new AR options, including Ground Transformation effects, new types of shoppable ‘Try-on’ campaigns3D body scans for more responsive Lenses, new barcode scanning options, and its ‘City Painter’ collaborative AR art project.  

Those offer some innovative, cutting edge advertising options – but creating AR campaigns requires a level of knowledge and experience, while maximizing campaign performance within Snapchat’s system can also benefit from expert insights and approach.

As such, Snap’s Global Partner Solutions program offers a lot of potential, and the re-launch should provide more opportunity to connect with the right providers for your needs.

You can check out Snap’s Global Partner listings here

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