Snapchat Shares Insights into Sports Engagement Among Users [Infographic]

Snapchat has shared some new insights into live sports engagement within the app, which could present a range of opportunities to marketers.

The return of live sport, while faced with many challenges and restrictions amid the pandemic, has provided a welcome sense of escape for many fans, and Snapchat users, in particular, have a high level of connection with sports events. Indeed, as noted below, some 70% of Snapchatters use the app while watching sport.

That’s a lot of potential fan engagement, while Snapchat also notes that many fans started watching new sports in 2020, and that users regularly share sports content with their Snapchat connections.

Snap has noted this element before, with previous studies also showing a high degree of sports engagement in the app.

For related marketers, that’s definitely worthy of note – check out the full infographic¬†listing below.¬†

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