Snapchat Shares New insights into Christmas and New Year’s Trends

Looking to make that last-minute push for your Christmas campaigns, or planning your marketing approach ahead of what will be a very different New Year’s celebration?

This week, Snapchat has provided some new insight into how its users are approaching the holiday season, which could have some bearing on how marketers angle their campaigns for such.

First off, on Christmas trends – Snapchat says that the majority of its users are planning to celebrate with family, however they can, with holiday movies and outdoor activities high on the list. That’s in line with general holiday trends, but it is worth noting that more people will be taking part in smaller, more intimate gatherings this year, which could place more emphasis on these activities than in times past.

Snapchat also notes that more Snapchatters are looking to give to charity this year, which is good news for nonprofit organizations working to assist the many people in need.

“Most Snapchatters across all markets surveyed report that they’ll be giving the same amount or more to charity this year – led by Brazil (86%), Malaysia (84%) and Indonesia (83%).”  

Nonprofits could look to make a final push in the app to tap into that goodwill.

For New Year’s, Snapchat says that the vast majority of its users are planning to celebrate from home, with most large-scale gatherings and events off the cards.

Snapchat New Year's

That’s an important note for marketers looking to maximize sales of celebratory items and food for in-home events. Of course, the figures here are not unexpected, but they do reiterate the opportunity for businesses to highlight products that can enhance the stay-at-home party atmosphere.

Snapchat also notes that more users are taking photos or videos with digital effects, which could be another consideration. With AR effects and campaigns now easier than ever to create, and becoming more accessible through tools like Snap’s Lens Studio, AR tie-ins could be another option to maximize engagement around these holiday trends.

You can read more in Snapchat’s full holiday trends report here.

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