Snapchat Shares New User Data on the Growing Excitement Around the Re-Opening of Movie Cinemas

With the vaccine roll-out now well underway, and in-person events gradually returning, Snapchat has today released some new data insights on the key social activity that Snapchatters are looking forward to the most in a post-pandemic environment – heading to the movies.

With cinemas opening back up, and some big blockbuster films now back on the schedule, Snapchat’s looking to highlight its platform as a key promotional tool for movie studios and related brands. That could provide new tie-in opportunities for a wide range of campaigns, aligning with the broader shift towards a return to social gatherings.

Which has its own, broader implications for the economy, and society at large. We’re not fully there just yet, but with millions of Americans now fully vaccinated, and many more nations following their own plans, we are getting closer to that next stage.

According to Snapchat, the pandemic closures have only increased Snapchatters’ enthusiasm for the cinema, with 81% indicating that they’ll watch movies in theaters “as much or more often” than before the pandemic, as soon as they’re able. 

Snapchat movies data

Snapchatters are also 1.7x more likely to see a movie on premiere weekend compared to non-users, making them a prime audience for driving opening-weekend box-office sales. Snapchat also notes that its range of AR tools and other promotional offerings also make it an ideal vehicle for movie campaigns and related engagement opportunities.

Snapchat’s also a great platform to build hype, with 36% of users hearing about an upcoming film a month or more ahead of its release.

Snapchat movies data

Given the app’s engagement levels, and its focus on connecting close friends, that can present significant opportunity for promotions, with the longer lead-time allowing for word-of-mouth awareness, helping to fuel hype, which can, again, be further enhanced with related tie-in campaigns and interactive AR features.

It’s very interesting, and exciting, to consider a return to in-person events, and movies are really just the beginning, with a range of related tie-in opportunities now on the horizon as the vaccine roll-out continues to take effect.

So even if you’re not promoting the latest movie, there are opportunities related to that enthusiasm which could make Snapchat a great platform for your efforts, especially if you’re looking to reach younger, media-savvy audiences. 

What’s more, Snapchat users can now also book movie tickets in the app, via Snap’s integration with Atom Tickets.

Atom Tickets Snapchat

It’s interesting to consider the various, expanding options on this front, and the broader impacts the vaccine roll-out will have. 

The next stage is coming, and it’s worth contemplating what that will mean for your promotional efforts.

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