Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog is Making a Comeback to Encourage Voter Participation

Snapchat’s continuing its drive to encourage more people to vote by bringing back its popular ‘Dancing Hot Dog’ AR effect, this time in election-themed clothing and bearing a key awareness message.

As reported by The Verge:

The character is set to return for Election Day on November 3rd, dressed in an Uncle Sam-style outfit twirling a sign calling on users to find their polling location. If a user clicks the sign, they’re linked to Snap’s Before You Vote tool that helps users find their polling locations and learn about the issues and candidates on their ballots.”

As noted, the push is part of Snapchat’s broader election awareness initiative, which it says has already resulted in encouraging more than 1.24 million users to register for the poll. 

The Dancing Hot Dog became an icon in itself back in 2017, even spawning its own product line available in Snap’s store.

Snapchat Dancing Hotdog merch

But since then, the Dancing Hot Dog has fallen on hard times, feeling the pinch of fleeting fame, and the hangover of viral popularity.

But now it’s back – and with Snap looking to get more young voters to the poll, it could play a part in boosting participation, and ensuring more Americans have their say.

Snap users can also use its ‘I Voted’ sticker to promote participation, along with sharing dancing foodstuff within the app. 

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