SoundPEATS T2 Earbuds Review – Active noise cancelling TWS earbuds that are superb value for money

Another day another TWS earbud review. In my recent review of the EarFun Free 2, they stood out for implementing the new popular Qualcomm QCC3040 SoC, which offers aptX and Bluetooth 5.2, plus they integrated wireless charging.

The SoundPEATS T2, which are similarly priced, have active noise cancellation as their main feature.



SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Wireless…

  • [Active Noise Cancelling & Hybrid ANC] – Hybrid…
  • [Transparency Mode & Touch Control] – This mode…
  • [Bluetooth 5.1 & Unbreakable Connection] – Adopt…
  • [30 Hours & LED Indicators] – Ultra long playtime…

  • Bluetooth Chip: Airoha AB1562A
  • Waterproof Level: IPX5
  • Bluetooth: 5.1
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, MP3
  • Working Range: 33 feet(10m)
  • Technology: BT5.0, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Playtime Time: ANC ON 7.5 hours, ANC OFF 10 hours
  • Charging: USB-C – no wireless


These use the popular design where the entire earbud rests in the domed concha part of your ear. They don’t fit quite as snug in the ear as the EarFun, sticking out a little more, but they are very comfortable to wear with no problems with them falling out.

They are quite light at 5.6g with the large ear tip on, my Jabra 85T weigh 7.24g, and the EarFun Free 2 weigh 5.8g, though subjectively, the Earfun earbuds feel lighter.

I have used these both for weight training and running, and they haven’t slipped out once.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is surprisingly good. As usual for cheap TWS earbuds, these are bass-forward, but not excessively so and less bass bleed than the EarFun Free 2 I reviewed earlier in the week.

These offer a nice full-bodied and fun sound with an overall V shape to the sound, and I would say they are more balanced than many earbuds at this price point.

There is not too much harshness in the highs, perhaps occasionally if you listen to high volumes, but generally, this was well below my listening level.

I found these pleasant to listen to for long periods, which is something I can’t always say for affordable earbuds.

Active Noise Cancelling

ANC is switched off by default, and you need to press the left earbud to enable it. You then have to cycle through a passthrough to get back to off.

The active noise cancelling of these earbuds offers a medium reduction in noise. Using aeroplane cabin noise, there is a noticeable drop off in the low end and mids. I would say these perform better than other £50 ANC earbuds, however, that is quite a low bar.

Wearing these outdoors with a light breeze, I did notice that with the ANC on, it seems to pick up wind noise more than it did with the ANC off.

Indoors in a noisy environment it does help quite a bit, and it should make listing to music or watching TV/movies a little more bearable in noisy environments.


These are rated at 7.5 hours with ANC on or 10 hours with it off. That is extremely impressive, it might not be the absolute longest battery, but it is up there with the best, especially the ANC performance.

I rarely wear earbuds long enough between charges to confirm numbers, but these easily last 4+ hours with no sign of dying on me.

Price and Alternative Options

The SoundPEATS T2 have an RRP of £59.99, but there is £10 off on Amazon plus another £10 voucher available, taking these down to an absolute bargain price of £39.99.

I previously reviewed the Taotronics SoundLiberty 94, which are at a similar price point, and I much prefer these.

Looking at Amazon, there is not much competing at this price point for ANC earbuds unless you opt for some totally random names.

The Anker Life A2 NC look like they will be the best bet, the RRP is £79.99, but they have a £20 off voucher taking them down to £59.99


I didn’t actually look at the price properly before reviewing these, expecting them to be £50+. As I write this, the SoundPEATS T2 can be bought for just £39.99. In the past, I might have turned down earbuds costing this much because it is extremely tiresome reviewing mediocre earbuds constantly.

While the overall performance of these doesn’t excite me that much, the overall cost vs performance is exceptional. These are more than good enough for most people.

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