Study Shows How to Use Instagram Stories and Story Ads to Drive Results [Infographic]

Stories has become a critical content format, with stats showing that Stories usage has now overtaken posts in the regular news feed, making it the key posting and engagement option for many consumers on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat – and now, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Twitter as well.

If you’re not including Storied in your digital marketing strategy, you’re missing an opportunity – but what are the best practices for Stories, and how can you ensure you’re maximizing your performance in a medium that still feels relatively new and unique to many.

That where this data will help – the team from Socialinsider recently teamed up with┬áto conduct an analysis of 661,565 Instagram stories, and 64,571 Instagram Story ads, that were published between April 2019 and September 2020.

You can read the full study here, but the infographic below provides a breakdown of the key findings and points.

Note: In this context, a ‘story’ is considered a single frame of a Story – so the advice to post 5 Stories a day, for example, relates to a Story of at least five frames (which some might consider a single Story split into segments)

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