Survey Finds a Third of People Don’t Trust Social Media Companies with Their Data [Infographic]

How concerned are you about social platforms potentially misusing your personal information?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed how Facebook had been providing users’ personal information to third parties, for varying purpose, which opened up a whole range of considerations as to how we could possibly be manipulated by the information that we willingly provide to these apps. 

That’s sparked further investigations and examinations into various apps, including the US Government’s attempt to ban TikTok last year – but in a more practical sense, how concerned are you, personally, with such revelations?

To glean some insight on this, the team from the University of Sydney recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 social media users and nonusers from the US, UK, and Australia, in order to find out where people stand on data security – with a focus on TikTok, and the proposed US sell-off specifically.

The results show that there are indeed rising concerns around data collection, and somewhat surprisingly, support for a ban on TikTok. You can read the full report here, or check out the infographic summary below. 

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