The Companies That Know the Most About You Based on App Data [Infographic]

Personal data collection, and the risks of such info getting into the wrong hands, had become a big focus of late, highlighted by concerns around TikTok potentially sharing US user data with the Chinese Government.

And that is a serious concern – once you submit your personal information, you can’t know, for sure, how it’s going to be used, or misused, and what that might mean in a broader sense. But providing such details has become part of the normal exchange for using apps.

As explained by Clario:

“We all do it – click ‘accept’ on a cookie pop-up without reading any of the information, just so we can see a website sooner. It’s almost become second nature, with those little boxes getting in the way of what we actually want to do. But what do cookie pop-ups actually give websites access to? What data are we giving up every time we click ‘accept’, and which businesses use the most of it?”

To provide some perspective, the Clario team conducted some research into what types of data each app collects, then ranked each, based on those categories, in a table.

Now, this is not the full story – there are also usage insights based on in-app activity, and other, associated data trails which can reveal more about you. But it’s an interesting listing nonetheless – take a look at Clario’s data collection table below.

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