The Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram in Comparison to National Populations [Infographic]

The most followed celebrities on Instagram command massive attention, which sees them generate huge engagement every time they post. But have you ever considered just how significant their audiences are, in comparison to, say, the population of some nations?

The team at PostBeyond did, which is why they put together this new infographic, which compares the most followed celebrities on Instagram with national populations from around the world, to provide some extra context on just how significant their reach and influence in the app has now become.

For example:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram following is now bigger than 4x the population of the UK
  • Ariana Grande commands an audience in the app that’s comparable to 5c the population of Spain
  • Kylie Jenner’s audience is equivalent to 6x the population of Canada

Of course, not all of their followers are active in the app all the time, and they’re not all seeing every post from each of these celebrities. And as we’ve seen from past fake account culls, a percentage of them would also be bots and fakes, which may have been purchased by the celebrity of their team, or may simply be following these big accounts to make themselves seem more legit.

Yet even so, it’s interesting to see the sizes of their Instagram audiences matched up against these population stats. I mean, it’s like saying ‘if Facebook were a country, it would be twice the size of China’, which is true, in a numbers sense, but more of a trivia point than a statement of status or influence.

But then again…

You can check out the full infographic below.

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