The New Age Blinds are Smarter Than You Think

Window treatments have come a long way. They are no longer just meant to cover the windows to render privacy and guard from the harmful sun rays. Several brands have come up with wide variety of shades that have the power to enhance the appeal of any given space in an instant. Not just the designs and patterns but the technology used to operate them has also improved over the time. The new age blinds are smarter than ever. Read on to find out as to how they have changed for the better.

Top Reasons to Connect Blinds with Google Home

Conventional shades were drawn and raised manually with a string or cord. Next in line were those that ran on batteries or electricity and could be operated by a remote control. These motorized blinds were automated so as to operate them via smart phones. Today, they have grown even smarter and can be connected with Google Home to offer a new and improved experience. Here is how your blinds work when connected with Google Home:

The advanced technology offers the ease to open and close your shades. You can do so by giving a voice command whenever you wish to take the desired action. Or better still, program it to open and close at a certain time of the day/ night. This will ease your task even further.

You can even integrate it with other devices that operate through Google Home such as the lighting in your room. These can be programmed in a way that as the lights dim the blinds also shut or vice versa or whichever way you prefer.

They can continue to operate at regular intervals even when you are out of town to give an impression that the house isn’t vacant. This is a good way to keep your place guarded and reduce the chances of burglary.

Besides, they certainly add to the style factor and make the ambience impressive.

Establish a Connection between Blinds and Google Home

The blinds you opt for must connect to a compatible hub. You can begin the set up by connecting Google Home to that hub. You also need to connect the blinds to the hub so as to control them via Google Home. The task can be accomplished by following few simple steps. You can easily do it on your own without professional help.

Step by step instructions to connect smart blinds with Google Home are easily available online. You just need to go through them carefully and follow the given steps to establish the connection. You will also find troubleshooting steps and FAQs on the same that can help you in case you get stuck somewhere.

So, you see how your beautiful designer blinds can be connected with Google Home to add sophistication and grace to the ambience and ease the task of managing them. If you haven’t integrated them with this new age technology yet it is time you do and enjoy the experience.

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