The Power of Mobile Communication [Infographic]

The number one rule of multi-channel communications is to meet customers where they are. Oftentimes this means social media, but more frequently now, because of the pandemic, it also means text messaging.

69% of customers would rather use their phones then approach a store employee, but that’s not the only time customers prefer to interact with retailers via mobile devices. Mobile communications have also become crucial for contactless customer interactions – and retailers need to take note.

Smartphones have changed the way we do most things, not just communicate. Last year:

  • 81% used a mobile device to manage finances
  • 79% used a mobile device to make online purchases
  • 32% used a mobile device to access government services

What’s more, 85% of smartphone users prefer messages to calls, and 29% don’t check their voicemail messages. But 90% of people open text messages within a few minutes, which means that retailers can zero in on this powerful medium when it comes to reaching potential customers.

Everything from restaurants to telehealth and traditional medicine are also using mobile communication to set appointments, remind people about reservations, help people follow social distancing procedures, and more. Smartphones have become a lifeline during the pandemic, enabling people to continue to access services safely.

Learn more about the rise of mobile communication from the infographic below.

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