TikTok Adds New ‘Adjust Clips’ Video Editing Feature

TikTok has added a new ‘Adjust Clips’ video editing feature, which provides a new way to re-shoot and re-arrange specific sections of your TikTok uploads.

As explained by TikTok:

“Do you find it difficult to get your shot in one fluid take? We’ve made it simple for you. Adjust clips allows users to take different video clips and move them around to determine the desired sequencing of the video. Adjust clips allows users to have fun with easily splicing and ordering their video clips and play around with the order to tell your unique story.”

As you can see in the above video, there are three separate sections to the featured clip, and after tapping on the ‘Adjust Clips’ option at the top right of the composer, the creator is then able to re-shoot a specific segment within the sequence, after seeing it in the compiled clip, and/or re-arrange the sections to their liking.

This will enable more editing capacity in your TikTok clips – up till now, you’ve been able to delete and re-shoot content, section-by-section, but it’s involved deleting previous clips one by one. That means that if you happened to capture the perfect final frame, but the middle frame was a bit off, you’d have to delete the last part as well as the middle, or use another increasingly complex workaround.

It’s a handy update for TikTok, and could be particularly beneficial for brands and professional content creators who are looking to create more polished, edited clips.

It could also make it easy to remix and switch around your content for different impacts – there’s a range of ways in which the option can be used.

Adjust Clips is available in the latest version of TikTok.

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