TikTok Adds New Auto-Reply Message Option for Business Accounts

This could be handy – TikTok has added a new, automated response option for messages to business accounts, which could make it easier to manage common queries and/or provide relevant information.

As you can see in this example, shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, now, in your Business Suite tools (for TikTok business accounts), you can go to ‘Message settings’ and create either a welcome message for when people DM your business, or an auto-reply, based on the keywords of your choosing.

TikTok auto message

The simple set-up process enables you to enter in relevant keywords in a message that will trigger your automated response – so if people regularly ask, for example, what hours your business is open, the keyword ‘hours’ would likely be a fairly safe catch-all for such, and you could provide that information without needing to manually intervene. 

Used well, automated messages can help maintain connection, and provide quick response – but they do need to be approached with caution, in order to provide the optimal user experience.

They could also be misused – which is why TikTok has also implemented a process which requires all automated response messages to be reviewed by the TikTok moderation team before going live.

It’ll take some thought to get it right, but if you know the most common queries, and you can identify the keywords for such, it could be very handy, while a welcome message can also help people feel like your brand is responsive and more active on the channel.

And with more businesses looking to tap into the growth of TikTok, there’ll no doubt be significant interest. The new settings are being rolled out to business accounts, so you may have them now, or you may get them shortly. 

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