TikTok Adds New ‘Preview’ Option to Show How Your Clips Will Look in the App

This is a simple, but helpful addition. TikTok is rolling out a new ‘Preview’ option within the video composer screen, which, when tapped, shows you exactly how your clip will appear in the app, including text overlays, effects placement, etc.

As you can see in this example, posted by Dan Thorne (and shared by Matt Navarra), when you tap the ‘Preview’ option at the top of the screen in the composer, it will show you how your clip will look when it’s live, with translucent overlays of your caption text, along with the right-hand side function buttons that viewers will see in the app.

That’ll make it easier to avoid accidentally putting your text behind one of the buttons, or obscuring your focus content behind the lower description. 

You can already test your TikTok ads in the ad creation process, with preview tools built into the ad composer.

TikTok ad preview

But this would provide a means to use the same on your organic posts, which could be a big, simple help in your creative process.

The Preview option is now available to some users, but not all as yet. We’ve asked TikTok for an update on availability, and will update this post if/when we hear back.

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