TikTok Announces New Partnership with LiveRamp to Help Advertisers Better Target Their Campaigns

TikTok has announced a new partnership with LiveRamp, which will provide more ways for TikTok advertisers to plug audience data into TikTok’s tools, and better target their efforts.

LiveRamp provides data solutions for brands, enabling businesses to utilize valuable audience insights in a privacy-safe way, across various platforms. Now, TikTok will be added to the list of platforms connected into the LiveRamp network.

As explained by TikTok

“TikTok’s advertisers with existing relationships with LiveRamp can create personal, relevant and consistent brand moments to deliver value and transform their customer experiences. Through this partnership, advertisers can confidently connect data while keeping their audiences at the center of their media investment on TikTok, both from a privacy and a marketing perspective.”

It’s TikTok’s latest media partnership, with the platform also announcing a new agreement with IPG Mediabrands earlier this week. As the platform continues to grow its user base, and interest in its ad options continues to rise, partnerships like this will open up TikTok ads to even more organizations, which will ultimately help TikTok increase its bottom-line, and secure its position.

Right now, TikTok’s biggest risk remains losing its top creators to other platforms, which can offer more lucrative revenue share deals, especially for those with large followings. Facebook has already sought to poach TikTok stars for its own Instagram Reels product – and for TikTok to secure its place, it needs to build its business model, while also providing new flow-through tools to ensure creators can get paid.

It’s making significant advances on this front, in various ways, while its efforts to incorporate eCommerce are another step in maximizing its opportunities.

That’s why deals like this are so critical, and it’s smart for TikTok to secure such partnerships with a view to longer term stability.

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