TikTok Highlights SMBs That Excelled on the Platform in 2020 [Infographic]

Despite various challenges, TikTok continued its meteoric rise n 2020, and is now firmly on track to become the next billion-user platform – and potentially, a real, significant challenger for Facebook and Instagram within the social media space.

That growth has also got the attention of marketers, and businesses looking to tap into the next wave. What’s particularly relevant about TikTok in this sense is its younger user slant – habits formed at younger ages are more likely to become habitual, meaning that short-form video content, and the full-screen, scrollable feed, could well become the standard for social media platforms moving forward. Which will also be crucially relevant as those younger consumers move into more lucrative consumer brackets.

That means that a lot more brands are now considering the potential of TikTok for their outreach efforts.

Is your business among them?

If you are looking at how you might be able to tap into the TikTok generation, this listing might help. Recently, the TikTok for Business team published a video overview of some of the top-performing SMBs on the platform in 2020 in different categories. We’ve translated that video into the below graphic.

The businesses featured here are Pounce Cat Cafe, Long Island Real Estate and Baro Cosmetics

It may well be worth checking out their TikTok profiles to see how they make best use of the platform. 

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