TikTok Launches ‘Black Creatives’ Program to Foster New Talent

TikTok has launched a new program to support Black creators, as part of its broader effort to ensure greater diversity and representation on the platform.

As explained by TikTok:

“Black creators on TikTok have been a driving force for our community, from starting trends to fostering connection to introducing new ways to entertain and inspire others, and we’re committed to continuing to elevate and amplify their voices. Today, we’re excited to announce “TikTok for Black Creatives,” a new incubator program that will invest in and support emerging Black creators and music artists on TikTok.”

The program will focus on nurturing and developing 100 Black creators and music artists, “helping to open doors for them to reach new heights in their careers”.

Over three-months, participants will attend talks from Black entrepreneurs and celebrities, take part in community-building forums, and receive platform-specific training and insights from TikTok executives. 

This is an area of crucial importance for TikTok, and one that the company is working towards in various different ways.

Back in June, in response to the #BlackLivesMatter protests, TikTok announced a range of initiatives to better support the Black community, including the establishment of a new creator diversity council, and a donation of $3 million towards non-profits focused on helping the Black community.

TIkTok has also run several campaigns in support of Black artists and creators, including a special focus on Blackout Tuesday and it’s own #ShopBlack campaign to boost Black-owned businesses on the platform. 

TikTok Shop Black

TikTok also launched a new online hub to provide Black business owners with support and education back in November.

In combination, these efforts will help TikTok ensure greater coverage for Black creatives on the platform, which is especially important on TikTok because of the platform’s younger audience tilt. By ensuring young people, in particular, are exposed to a more diverse range of content, from a broader range of creators, that then normalizes that expanded viewpoint for the next generation – and although TikTok has been criticized for inherent racial bias within its algorithms in the past, that too is something that it’s working to correct.

This new program is another step in expanding the scope of what TikTok users see, which, as noted, could have expanded benefits beyond the platform itself. 

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