TikTok Launches Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses

Is TikTok part of your holiday marketing plan?

The fast-growing, short-form video app is still rising, with projections that it will become the next billion user social platform. Given this, it likely should be on your digital marketing radar – but amid various negative press reports in relation to a potential US ban, many businesses have been left unsure whether to invest, and to build a presence on the platform, or even how to do it, given the trendy, meme-inspired nature of its clips.

On the potential ban, that, increasingly, doesn’t look like happening. And for those looking for a way into the TikTok ecosphere, this week, TikTok has launched a new holiday toolkit for SMBs, in partnership with AdAge, which provides a range of insights, tips, case studies and tools to help you better understand your marketing opportunities in the app.

A key feature of the new platform is TikTok’s ‘Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses‘, a downloadable, 40-page guide which highlights the key opportunities of the season, and how TikTok can help businesses tap into them. 

The guide covers a range of key elements in planning and executing your holiday promotions:

And while much of the advice covers general business goals and processes, the second half of the guide focuses specifically on how TikTok can help, including notes on holiday templates:

TikTok holiday marketing guide

Examples of trending holiday content:

TikTok holiday guide

And more specific notes on the ways in which you can use TikTok’s ad options to boost your campaigns.

TikTok also provides checklists and notes to help guide your campaigns, including detailed recommendations on when you should run your campaigns. 

TikTok holiday guide

If you’re considering utilizing TikTok in your seasonal marketing push, it’s definitely worth checking out, while the various case studies and examples on the Holiday Tool Kit website are also worth taking a look at. 

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