TikTok Launches Lead Generation Ads to Help Advertisers Collect Audience Information

TikTok is looking to help advertisers gain more direct insight on potential customers via a new Lead Generation ad option, which will enable brands to capture user data direct from their in-stream ads.

As you can see here, Lead Generation ads on TikTok include a CTA which leads users into the form process.

As explained by TikTok:

“Lead Generation starts by making it easy for users to fill out a form and provide their information (e.g. Name, Email, Phone) in order to signal their interest in that particular product or service. Additionally, basic information that our users provide to TikTok can also be automatically populated for an efficient experience between the business and user.”

So much of the key response data can be auto-populated, streamlining the process, and making it as easy as possible for interested users to submit their information direct to your business.

You can also customize the header and profile image on your form, as well as the questions in the listing.

TikTok Lead Generation ads

When people fill in your Lead Generation form, the information is then stored on TikTok, to be downloaded at a time of your choosing (with relevant privacy provisions in place), while the data can also be directly integrated into your CRM, adding to your proprietary information stores.

It could be a handy option to collect relevant user info, while it may also help to negate some of the expected impacts of Apple’s IDFA update, which is likely to see many users opt out of data tracking in apps, limiting the information brands then have available for their campaigns.

By gathering more of this data directly, it could mitigate some of those impacts – and while that won’t help in terms of tracking interest and conversion behavior in-app, it will provide another way to build out your own audience database. 

In this respect, Lead Generation ads are a great addition, registering the information of engaged viewers for future reference and campaigns. That can also help you build more accurate audience personas for expanded ad targeting, and guide your content focus moving forward.

It’s a good addition to the TikTok ad suite, with a range of potential applications.

Worth considering in your process. 

TikTok’s Lead Generation ads are now available to all businesses globally – you can learn more about the option here.

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