TikTok Launches New TikTok for Business Profile to Share Key Tips and Insights

Looking to add TikTok into your digital marketing mix?

This could help – this week, TikTok has launched a new TikTok for Business profile in the app, through which it will share platform marketing tips, usage insights and preview upcoming events to help advertisers make the most of the platform.

The first couple of clips posted to the new account cover some key TikTok basics, including how to frame your promotions, and how to maximize response.

It could be a handy profile to follow for those looking to learn more about TikTok ad best practices, with the information coming direct from TikTok’s internal experts, and based on the response data they’re seeing.

And with TikTok on track to reach a billion users in 2021, it’ll no doubt become a bigger focus for marketers moving forward.

You can check out the TikTok for Business profile here, or go to @tiktokforbusiness in the app.

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