TikTok Now Enables Web Login, Including Access to Analytics and Video Uploads via Desktop

This will be welcome news for social media managers looking to make the most of TikTok.

This week, the platform has added a new login option on its website, meaning you can now access your TikTok account via your desktop PC, where you can view your analytics, upload videos, etc.

The login option is at the top right of screen on the Trending page, but it doesn’t appear at the main home screen at this stage.

Once you’re logged in, you can access your basic account info and check out a customized feed of content based on your preferences.

You can also upload a video direct from desktop, providing another option to upload more polished, edited content.

And as you can see in the below example – shared by TikTok analytics provider Pentos on Twitter – if you’ve converted to a Pro Account, you can also access your analytics, making it easier to keep tabs on your performance, on the same surface that you manage your other social media accounts from. 

TikTok analytics on web

It’s another option that will help social media managers maintain their presence on each platform from a desktop base. Instagram also recently added the capacity to manage DMs via desktop, and view Instagram live-streams, and with TikTok also now improving its desktop functionality, it’s getting easier to keep on top of all platforms from your home office.

Which, given we can’t really leave home, seems pretty important right now at least.

In addition to this, TikTok also recently added a new ‘Voiceover’ functionality, providing another way to customize your clips.

There are still many questions around TikTok and its longer-term viability, along with concerns as to how it shares and utilizes personal data, and moderates user content, but more recent brand partnerships and additions would appear to suggest that it is moving in the right direction. 

And if there’s opportunity to connect with your audience in the app, it may well be worth further exploration. Usage is rising during the lockdowns, and if TikTok can solidify its eCommerce tools, and provide creators with better revenue streams, it may well become a mainstay in the social space.

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