TikTok Previews Coming Ad and Product Display Options

TikTok is planning to launch a range of new eCommerce focused ad offerings as it seeks to maximize its revenue potential, according to new insights from a leaked pitch deck being submitted to various advertisers in the US.

As reported by Business Insider, TikTok is looking to add a range of new, in-stream shopping tools as it continues to explore its eCommerce potential.

The first new option is ‘Collection Ads’, which will enable brands to combine their product catalog listings and branded videos, in order to guide users to relevant products from their video clips. It’s similar to YouTube’s product listings on videos, helping to drive direct response. 

TikTok’s also looking to add ‘Dynamic Product Ads’, which will automatically retarget users with relevant products according to their activities in the advertisers’ apps and websites.​

TikTok ad options

‘Promo Tiles’, meanwhile, will enable advertisers to add customizable sales and promotional alerts to their in-feed ads, while ‘Showcase Tiles’ will see creators promoting products in their videos, with a link relevant product thumbnails at the bottom part of the screen.

The latter options are similar to TikTok’s eCommerce offerings in China, in the Chinese version of the app ‘Douyin’.


Douyin now generates the majority of its income from in-app commerce, as opposed to ads, so it’s no surprise to see TikTok looking to add the same, and integrate more product discovery and shopping activity into the app.

Indeed, TikTok says that it’s already a key platform for product discovery. In the accompanying notes, TikTok says that 47% of its users have bought something they’ve seen on TikTok, while the platform also claims that its US ad business had grown more than 500% in the past year.

That, of course, is relative to audience growth – TikTok additionally notes that it now has more than 100 million monthly active users in the US, and 732 million globally. External estimates suggest that TikTok is now well on-track to become the next billion-user platform, and with that increased user momentum will come more and more advertiser interest – which also relates to TikTok’s audience connection with pop culture, and building resonance.

The majority of TikTok’s audience is aged under 24 (59%), with 17% of users aged 13 to 17. That gives the platform a significant foundation to build upon, as it looks to establish itself as a key contender in the social media stakes. This is why Facebook has been so keen to unseat it, because enabling users to build such strong connection and personal networks within the app, at such young age brackets, will position TikTok for ongoing expansion and growth, as these users age-up. 

Younger audiences also have a major impact on spending, even if indirectly, which is why these new eCommerce integrations are so critical, and will play such a key role in the app’s future development.

They’ll also enable TikTok to create better revenue-share opportunities, to ensure its top creators get paid. Given this, it’s no surprise to see TikTok making this a key area of focus, and it could well be worth considering how these options might fit into your digital marketing approach.

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