TikTok Provides Video Creation Tips for SMBs in New Series

TikTok has launched a new, two-part series of tips for creators and brands looking to maximize their content, and improve their audience response on the platform – which could be a big help for brands trying to find their feet, or establish a solid process for posting TikTok clips.

As explained by TikTok:

“As part of an ongoing initiative to help small businesses elevate the creative they share on TikTok, we are pleased to announce “Behind The Camera,” a series of easy-to-follow instructional videos showing businesses how to take their TikTok to the next level through the latest creative trends and techniques.”

TikTok has split the first set of notes into basic pointers and more in-depth video tutorials, which look at a range of camera and presentation tricks that you can use in your recording process.

First, on the basics, TikTok advises the following:

  • Keep it simple TikTok says that brands should be careful not to overcomplicate their messaging, particularly by trying to fit too much into a single clip
  • Shoot vertically – TikTok says that brands should look to take advantage of the full-screen experience by shooting in vertical format, not horizontal
  • Have good lighting – Good lighting is key to maximizing your video content, and you don’t necessarily need a professional setup, or even a ring light, to achieve good effect. A lamp, reflecting the sun, ensuring you’re in a well-lit room – all of these small considerations can have a significant impact, while you should also be aware of how shadows can impact your scene
  • Focus on your subject – TikTok advises that creators should always keep their lens focused on where they want their audience to be paying attention. “This can help prevent blurring or losing something important in darker lighting”
  • Use effects and text – Creating native looking and feeling TikTok content is key to maximizing response and engagement on the platform, and TikTok advises that creators should look to use its existing creative tools for this purpose. TikTok further notes that by focusing on making your content feel native to the platform, that “can also help get it on more For You pages”, while it will also reduce immediate swipe away responses by making your videos look like the rest of the clips in user feeds
  • Have fun. – Lastly, TikTok advises that creating content on TikTok “should be a fun, positive experience while you create it and when your audience views it”. That’s a less actionable piece of advice, but the emphasis is on the user experience, and how your content plays into that.

In the video tutorial section, TikTok provides a range of clips looking at how to implement various creative presentation techniques, including 360 video, camera drop, floating effect and seamless transitions.

You can view all of these videos in a new ‘Behind the Camera’ playlist on TikTok’s YouTube Channel

These are some valuable notes, and some helpful pointers to help you in creating more effective, standout – and again, natural looking TikTok clips.

Every TikTok marketing expert you speak to will tell you the same thing – the key to effective TikTok promotions is aligning with platform presentation trends and tools, which is why many are looking to utilize UGC, or partner with influencers for their campaigns.

But you can do this yourself as well, and these notes provide helpful insight into exactly how you can implement some great techniques within your TikTok marketing strategy.

You can check out all of TikTok’s ‘Behind the Camera’ tips here.

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