Top YouTube Statistics That Matter In 2020 [Infographic]

YouTube is the default video platform of the web. Sure, many social media platforms have seen an unprecedented rise, with videos being their most consumed type of content. However, the mindset of users while logging in to YouTube is to watch videos purposely.

In the YouTube statistics below, there are four sections. In the first two sections, you’ll see YouTube demographics, competition on the platform, and the skewed viewership of popular channels. 

Then there’s some great news for businesses looking to leverage YouTube for their marketing efforts (Hint: The production quality isn’t as important as you might expect, but something else is). There are also data-backed recommendations to get more video views.

The last section is about YouTube creators covering their goals, top challenges, financial health, and average income from sponsored videos. Check out the full infographic (brought to you by Graphic Rhythm Designs in collaboration with Elite Content Marketer) below. You can also learn more such compelling YouTube stats at Elite Content Marketer with practical tips that you can implement in your strategy.

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