Twitter Adds Option to Switch of Fleets Reactions via DM

Here’s a quick, but helpful update from Twitter.

While Fleets is still not a major element of the platform, it has been slowly attracting interest, and seeing more usage. But one of the more annoying elements of Fleets is that whenever someone reacts or replies to your story (Fleet), you get a DM informing you of that response.

That’s similar to Instagram’s Stories reactions, but on Twitter, which is more open to the public, it feels a bit more intrusive. So now, you can turn the DM notifications off if you choose.

As explained by Twitter:

You can now turn off the option for people to send emoji reactions and text replies to your Fleet via DM. On Android (and iOS soon), tap the arrow next to the “Fleet” button, then tap the switch to turn off “Allow Direct Messages”.”

It’s not a major change, but it provides more control, and will save people from getting random emoji DMs and unwanted messages in response to their Twitter Stories. I mean Fleets. Because they’re ‘fleeting’. Clever.

As Twitter notes, the update is now available on Android, and coming soon to iOS.

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