Twitter and Sprinklr Join Forces to Release 2021 Customer Care Report

Twitter and Sprinklr, the Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform for modern enterprises, have just launched a 2021 Customer Care Report: From AM to DM: Twitter customer care in a 24/7 world.

Courtesy of Rachel Alvarez

With nearly half a billion Tweets analyzed from over 1,000 brands globally, the report shares quantifiable insights into best practices for customer care on Twitter. Here is a brief overview of the findings.

Best Practices for Customer Care on Twitter

Impress your audience with your attentiveness.

Top brands respond 3x faster and reply to 8x more Tweets than typical brands on Twitter. These brands receive 10x more mentions because customers know they will address their questions. ​

Being a good listener, quick to respond, and consistent in your engagement will show your audience you care.

Of course, not every brand has the resources to be plugged into social 24/7, but being transparent with your audience and making sure to check-in daily goes a long way.

Everyone makes mistakes. Own it.

78% of retail brand handles that excel at customer support take ownership of customer problems in order to build trust. 

Taking ownership and providing genuine support through any issue can turn an angry customer into a returning customer.

Act human, gain followers.

Brands that excel at personalized customer support have 6x more followers than brands who are still developing their care practice. 

We’re always talking about the importance of authenticity on social. Now we can see proof of the practice.

Make sure to nail down your brand voice, and then make the tone “human.”

Set up a designated customer care account.

According to the report, 80 percent of financial services companies that excel at customer care offer a dedicated support account on Twitter. ​Brands that list hours in their Twitter bios have a Sprinklr Care Score that is nearly 50 percent higher than brands who don’t. 

Using a separate handle for customer care helps both the customer and your team. From the brand perspective, it’ll make listening much easier and help you focus on the conversations that matter.

Check out the full report to find examples of best practices put to use and see how well others in your industry are performing customer care.

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