Twitter Embraces Imperfection With Its Fresh New Look

It’s been five years since Twitter last upgraded their branding. However, upon assessment of the current state of their creative expression, their marketing team felt it was time for a change.

The new look of the brand is driven by the complexity of everyday interactions in the Twitter universe. 

Twitter has been under hard scrutiny in the last few years for how they have (or haven’t) enforced their policies. After all, the platform is essentially a collection of all sorts of thoughts from all over the world. Together they form an impossible dialogue to moderate and control. Instead of a clean cut corporate approach, Twitter seems to have adopted a different direction entirely – embracing their imperfections and giving the floor to the people in all aspects of their brand. The new look, which seems to level the social media giant down to an individual contributor feel, is announced barely a day after the announcements of Tweet Deck upgrades and Birdwatch. 

The creative process behind the new look sounds like making a scrapbook – lots of layering, adding textures, mixing media, messages and expressions. The process was aiming to capture the essence of the unpredictable, imperfect and powerful conversations happening on the platform daily. Even typography, named Chirp, got a bold new look to better reflect emotion and, you guessed it, imperfection. 

The fresh look came about with the help of a core team of Twitter brand managers, a French creative studio L’atelier Irradié, and a Swiss type foundry Grilli Type. Although the details on how the new look will present itself fully remain to be seen, you can already take a look at the examples of it in Twitter’s CMO Leslie Berland’s thread as well as on their Brand Team profiles. 

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