Twitter Launches ‘I Wish I Knew’ Podcast to Provide Insight into How it Utilizes Audience Research

Twitter has launched a new podcast which will provide new insight into how the company utilizes user research and understanding to advance its systems, which could highlight some interesting use cases on Twitter data, and improve your platform understanding.

As per Twitter:

“We’re excited to introduce I Wish I Knew, a new podcast that brings you directly into the world of Twitter Research. Each episode will be co-hosted by a different pair of researchers who will share their journeys into the field, discuss how the team is elevating conversations across the company through insights, explore why research matters, and celebrate the people and culture surrounding the work.”

Having a better understanding of how Twitter uses data insights to, say, improve its algorithm, and/or maximize discovery could have major benefits for social media marketers, while the specific use cases for Twitter data, as noted, could also highlight new ways of thinking into your own strategic research approach.

Twitter data has been used in a wide range of ways over the years – from predicting earthquakes, to stock market shifts, to mapping flu outbreaks, improving flood damage response, battling crime and more.  

And while not all of these types of uses are likely to be touched upon in the new podcast (in fact, none of them might be), it could provide some valuable perspective on how such processes are applied, and what that might mean for your own analysis purposes.

Twitter’s also hosting a Space from @TwitterResearch this Friday, May 7th at 12:30p PT/3:30p ET to share about the podcast. 

Could be worth tuning in to get an understanding of what to expect.

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