Twitter Shares Insight into Rising Discussion Around the NBA All-Star Game and NCAA March Madness [Infographic]

While it’s been a challenging time for professional athletes, as they work to adhere to new COVID-19 protocols, and are often spending long periods away from family and friends as a result, having live sports back has been a positive note for many fans, who themselves are dealing with trying times amid the pandemic.

And while some NBA stars have voiced their opposition to holding an All-Star game this year, the spectacle of the event will underline it as a fan favorite. And as you can see from these numbers shared by Twitter, there’s a rising amount of enthusiasm for the upcoming All-Star weekend. 

But it’s not just the All-Star game in March, there’s also the NCAA March Madness tournament. And while neither will be anything like what we’re used to, again, just having sports as a distraction has been a major benefit for many people.

The rising discussion could also open up new opportunities for brands, with tie-in campaigns and promotions.

It could be worth considering – take a look at these insights from the Twitter Business team. 

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