Twitter Updates Privacy Help Resources to Cater to More User Queries

Twitter has launched an updated version of its Privacy Help resources in order to better connect users with relevant information about their data, privacy, and security options on the platform.

As you can see here, the new privacy help guide can quickly connect you to information about data usage, ad preferences, hacked accounts and your privacy settings.

Tapping on each section will take you through to a range of common query areas, and link you to the relevant Help center and policy listings on each.

Twitter privacy resources

That could make it easier to find the answers you need faster, providing better understanding of the various elements.

The updated listings work in tandem with Twitter’s Privacy Center, which is launched in December 2019. In combination, these tools provide greater capacity for people to understand the full extent of what they’re agreeing to by using the platform, and the controls they have over each element. Which is becoming increasingly important amid broader shifts towards increased data controls and protection from misuse.

You can access to updated Twitter privacy overview here

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