Twitter Updates Tweet Embeds, Including New Presentation Style

This is a relatively small update, but relevant to note either way.

Today, on the Twitter Developer Forums, Twitter has announced a change to the way tweet embeds will be displayed on websites, which could cause some presentation impacts.

As explained by Twitter:

“Starting today, we will begin rolling out a new version of embedded Tweets that has an updated design and better infrastructure that will soon help load Tweets faster on your sites and apps. As we roll it out, you might see your Tweet embeds rendering with a slightly new look.”

And yes, the changes do appear to be slight, but again, worth noting for your posts and pages.

As you can see in the above comparison, the new layout includes a more rounded tweet presentation panel and slightly larger text and tweet icons, while the presentation of the Like and discussion data is now all gray and sorted into more logical listings of the details on one line, then engagement data on the next.

Twitter notes that the changes should take effect automatically – “but some implementations may be required if they use interfaces that aren’t explicitly supported”. If you’ve just embedded tweets using the regular embedding process, you should see the changes come through at some point, but if you note any errors, it may be worth re-adding the relevant tweets as required.

You can read more about the update here.

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