Twitter Will Now Allow Some Brands to Make Reference to COVID-19 in Ads

After announcing a ban on all ads which mention “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” last month, Twitter has now revised its stance in order to enable some advertisers to mention the virus in selected promotions, based on utility.

As per Twitter:

“In response to the shifting advertising landscape, and in order to support helpful causes during this time, we’re now allowing managed clients and partners to advertise content containing implicit or explicit reference to COVID-19 in certain use cases, with restrictions.”

Those specific use cases will be:

  • Adjustments to business practices and/or models in response to COVID-19
  • Support for customers and employees related to COVID-19

That will mean that approved brands will be able to advertise changes to their operations and assistance measures, while it will still enable Twitter to restrict exploitative mentions of the virus, and other promotions that could go against the public good.

Specifically, Twitter says that it will not allow ads that include:

  • Distasteful references to COVID-19 (or variations) 
  • Content that may be sensational or likely to incite panic
  • Inflated prices on products related to COVID-19

This comes in addition to Twitter’s already stated bans on any ads for face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, while Twitter has also implemented restrictions on content which mentions vaccines, treatments and/or test kits.

The easing of total restrictions will enable businesses to better communicate changes as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns – Facebook has also recently launched a new set of Page tools to help businesses update their operating hours and service delivery options to help them stay connected, and operational, amid the global lockdowns.

Anything that can be done on this front will be of benefit. While many people are already out of work, and there’s growing uncertainty about what the future holds for many SMBs in particular, some can continue to operate, and anything that can facilitate such will help to ease broader pressure on the global economy moving forward, not to mention assisting business owners and their staff.

It’s a logical move from Twitter, and one which will provide benefit to many.  

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