Twitter’s Close to Re-Opening Public Applications for Profile Verification

Here’s some potentially good news for those seeking validity via their Twitter presence.

According to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who knows about such things, and has a range of connections inside Twitter HQ, the platform is looking to re-open public applications for profile verification from next week.

As you may recall, back in November, Twitter announced that it would be looking to re-open applications for verification some time in 2021, after pausing public requests in 2017 due to confusion over what, exactly, the blue tick signified in the app. Twitter then provided more details on its revised verification guidelines, and when they would go into effect, in January, while further noting that public applications would be re-opening “in the next couple of months“.

Now, it looks like that’s about to happen. Jane Manchun Wong also recently shared some new screenshots of the updated verification request process, which guides users through the various steps and references required to apply for the coveted blue tick.

As you can see here, the new process will be limited to accounts which fall into these six categories:

  • Activist, Organizer or Influencer
  • Company, Brand or Organization
  • Entertainers or Entertainment Groups
  • Government Official or Affiliate
  • Journalist or News Organization
  • Professional Sports of e-Sports Entity

​So not everyone will be able to apply – but then again, arguably, everyone is influential in some form, so you could always try to get away with that technicality.

But the requirements for application do set a fairly high bar – for example, here are some of the evidence points needed to validate an ‘Influencer’ request:

Twitter verification requirements

So maybe not you, at least not yet – but maybe you’ll look to apply for your company, or you might have a client that qualifies in one of these categories. 

If you do, you’ll likely soon have a way to find out – Wong’s tweet noting that Twitter will be looking to re-open applications next week has been liked by various Twitter staff, with even Twitter chief Kayvon Beykpour joining the discussion in the comments.

Which seems to add some weight to the claim. So you should probably start getting your application details in order, and gear up to embark on your quest for Twitter celebrity.

Or, don’t.

It probably doesn’t really matter a heap if you have a verified profile or not. Sure, you do get access to some additional features, and there is the added credibility of having that little checkmark next to your username. But in real world terms, no one really cares.

Unless you’re being impersonated, or there’s some confusion as to which is your official, proper Twitter channel, the value is likely not that significant. 

But then again, tweets do also show up in Google search results, and having an official profile does look better.

I don’t know – it may well be worth it if you meet the tough new requirements.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress.  

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