USA Phone Trade – in Guide to Selling Your Old Phone for Cash

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living in the age of the smartphone. Technology seems to be advancing so fast
that it’s hard to catch up. You become accustomed to your old phone, and
there’s a newer model that makes your heart flutter.

fun for us to see what the new features are, but keeping up to date with tech
also means that we need to find something to do with the old phones. In this
post, we’ll go through the various ways in which you can sell your phone for cash or trade it in.

are a few options:

  • Sell: If your
    phone is in good working order, you’ll get a decent price for it.
  • Donate: If
    you’re not concerned about the money, donate it to a worthy cause.
  • Recycle: If the
    phone’s too busted to fix up, recycling is a good option.
  • Repurpose: If you
    want to hang onto the phone, find another useful way to use it.

How Much
Money Can I Make if I Sell Old Phones?

We wish that we could put a dollar amount on it, but there are too
many variables. The make and model, age, popularity, and condition of the phone
all play a role. Here are some ways to find out what it might be worth:

  • We’d start
    with BankMyCell to trade-in your old cell phone. It’s
    got a clean interface and will provide you with thephone trade-in value, timescales and
    other buyback options.
  • Phone Value
    Punch in
    the stats for your phone and eBay will give you an estimated value. This is
    drawn from the value of similar phones, so use it as a starting point.
  • Many carriers have a cell phone buyback store policy, or at
    least allow for a cell phone trade-in.
    Just check whether they allow you to trade-in
    your phone for cash or store credit (it’s normally the latter).
  • What are similar models going for? Can
    you find buyers who offer cell phone
    recycling for cash?

How You Can
Sell Your Phone

Go to

Check for stores in your area that offer this service. The
advantage here is that the sale is quick and easy. You take your phone in and
get cash for it at the same time.

The downside of this convenience is that you won’t get as much as
you would on the open market.

Here are some options to consider:

  • : The catch here is that the company
    only looks at models that are in good shape.
  • : If you enjoy gaming, earn some store
    credit by selling your device.

Trade-In Services

These services are convenient. Better still, they often offer
better deals, too. They can afford to because they’re not running a brick-and-mortar

The downside is that you’ll need to mail your phone to them to get
a final price. You’ll then have to wait a few days to get the gift card or
check. That said, it’s not all that long, and you stand to make more money.

If you don’t like what they’ve offered you, call the whole thing
off. They’ll mail your phone back.

  • : Start off at this helpful site. They
    offer competitive rates and the most comprehensive breakdown of your options.
    You’ll just need to decide which option is best for you and then take them up
    on that one.
  • : If you don’t mind getting an Amazon
    gift card, check out the company’s trade-in program.
  • : This is an ‘oldie but goodie.’ They
    offer great service, and their customers appreciate them. We wish they’d offer
    more competitive rates, but you can’t have everything.

Selling Your
Phone Online

If you’re willing to deal with the aggravation of an online sale,
you could make a bit more money. We recommend proceeding with caution. If
you’re going to meet someone to show them the phone, meet them in a public

Never give them the phone without having the money in your hands. Word
your advert carefully and get ready to deal with some schmucks.

  • : This is one of the best-established
    online classifieds for a good reason. You won’t have to pay commission on your
    sale here.
  • : The advantage of selling on eBay is
    that the company handles all monetary transactions. You pay them a percentage
    of the sale for the privilege, though.

How Would I
Recycle My Phone?

Again, you have a wide range of options here. If the phone is
working, you might even get some money for it. If it’s been trashed, you’ll be
able to dispose of it safely for free.

Do check with local charities on this score – they often offer this

  • : This is a simple enough option.
    Register with the company and get a quote. When they’ve confirmed the value,
    you get paid out. There are several kiosks dotted around the country.
  • : This only applies if you have an
    iPhone or iPad. You’re able to go into any Apple store and get a valuation. If
    you accept the offer they present, you can use the money on a purchase in the
    store. Alternatively, you’ll get a gift card for iTunes.
  • : Just check around. A lot of
    electronic stores will buy your old phone. Failing that, it allows you to
    dispose of it safely.
  • : Many municipalities have turned to
    recycling as a way to reduce waste. Find out if they have a program for
    cellular devices as well.

Donating Your

Donation is another option to consider. You can also use the
current market value for the phone as a deduction on your taxes. Just ensure
that you get a letter or receipt from the charity confirming the transaction.

Can I Just
Give it Away?

Yes, but do ask a local charity that you support first. Churches
also often have programs of this nature. Otherwise look out for charities like
Secure the Call, Cell Phones for Soldiers, or Medic Mobile if you’re looking
for ideas.

What Other
Use Could the Phone Have?

If it’s in reasonably good working order, your phone could be
repurposed as a smart hub controller or a nanny cam. What else can you think of
to do with it?


Why should
recycling be on the list?

It’s difficult to imagine, considering that one small drop can
crack the screen, but it happens. Phones are hardy, that is, in terms of
biodegradability. If your only option is to throw out the phone, make sure it
goes to a company that can recycle it.

Is it just an
urban legend that there’s gold in there?

It sounds like an urban legend, but it’s true. That said, we’re
talking less than half a gram, so it’s not worth a lot. The other rare metals,
like palladium and platinum, are potentially worth more.

Which parts of the
phone can they recycle?

There’s a lot of recyclable bits, and that’s why it’s a shame that
so few people bother. The most important elements are the rare metals, but the
electrical components may be reusable, too. The case and glass are recyclable.

What will they do
to the phone?

Most companies will opt for refurbishment if that’s possible. That
means that they clean up the phone and fix it up for reselling. They make a
nice profit, and the new owner saves on costs.

This relates to newer models here in the States.

Older models might undergo similar treatment. They might travel
further, though. They’re popular in developing countries where it’s not all
that easy to find newer models.

If your phone is in bad shape, it’s going to be used for spares or
stripped down.

Do I sell it,
donate it or recycle it?

All three options have their advantages. You’ll need to pick
whichever one works best for you. Why not get an idea of the value on a site
like BankMyCell before making your final decision?

Is a busted-up
phone worth anything?

That’s going to depend on how damaged it is. If it’s just a
cracked screen, you should be fine. If it won’t work at all, it’s not going to
be worth much, if anything.

Which bin should I
put it into?

Some recycling services can handle electronic waste, but not all
of them. The Lithium batteries in the phone require special handling, and it’s
not always worth it for recyclers. Check with the service before dumping your
cellular device.


You thought that your old cell was worthless. Weren’t you glad to
learn otherwise? We can’t guarantee that you’ll get a boatload of cash for it,
but you’ll probably get something.

Best of all, though, you clear some clutter and do the right thing
for the environment. Whether you’re selling the phone or having it recycled,
it’s not going to end up on the landfill. You score some serious ‘brownie’
points and possibly even a fistful of cash.

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USA Phone Trade – in Guide to Selling Your Old Phone for Cash

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