WhatsApp Adds Option to Speed Up Voice Message Playback

Here’s a quick one, which could come in handy for those who communicate via voice messages – and in particular, long voice messages. Today, WhatsApp has added new variable playback speed control options for audio replies.

It’s pretty straightforward – now, when you get a voice message, you can play it regular 1x speed, or you lean slightly more towards Chipmunk-style voices by cranking the playback to 1.5x, or even 2.0x regular speed.

Which, as many have noted, alternative messaging app Telegram has actually enabled its users to do since 2018. 

Telegram, and another messaging app, Signal, have both gained traction over the past few months due to WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy update, which will enable it to share some data from user transactions with businesses in WhatsApp across to parent-company Facebook.

Many users have misinterpreted this to mean that Facebook will be able to access their WhatsApp messages or other personal info, which is not correct. But even as WhatsApp has worked to clarify this, and ensure that people understand what’s actually changing, many have vowed to switch to alternative platforms instead, to avoid any chance of Facebook getting its hands on any more insight on them.

Which is partly why Telegram users have been keen to point out that they’ve had this feature for years. The update was first released on WhatsApp desktop last week, but has now been rolled out to all users on iOS and Android as well.

So, a new option for speed listeners, which could be helpful if people are sending you long-winded messages, or, maybe readings of their novel in progress or the like. Once you change your speed setting, it will remain that way till you change it back.

The update is available in the latest version of WhatsApp.

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